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We beat Spongebob!!!

Ivan and I did the "Run Wild For A Child" 5/10K run this morning in Golden Gate Park.

We only did the 5-K and the original plan was to just schlump our way through, get the t-shirts and leave, but it was really nice out today and we got inspired enough to do a bit a jogging, so we were able to beat two people in a Spongebob Square Pants costume, as well as a couple of women jogging with baby-strollers. Whooooo-hoooooo.


I Rickrolled the Mint yesterday!

Yesterday was the first day in a week that I felt really good. The sun was shining and the coughing seemed to have abated, so hubby and I went to brunch at Andalu, a tapas restaurant on the corner of Guerrero & 16th. It was nearly empty which is our favorite kind of place to eat. Hubby had waffles with berries and ice-cream and I had a veggie omelet. Did I mention polenta fries? OMG-YUMMMMEEEEEE.

Anyway, I went to the Mint at 3-ish to hang out with Big Frank.

BTW-Great article in the Chronicle yesterday about the SF Gay Men's Chorus , as well as Jimmy, and Ben the bartender. I was evil and talked Ben into singing "I Got Life" from Hair. I mostly did songs that I felt wouldn't kick my throat back into cough mode, but since there were two mentions of Rick Astley and Never Gonna Give You Up in fandomsecrets yesterday, I felt obliged to kick out the jams and invited everyone to sing along with me.

Came home and finished the 2nd series of Hustle. God, I love that show. I'm a sucker for glossy capers and 4th wall breaking, not to mention Robert Vaughn, looking good after all these years.
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