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Meme A Day 2008-Day 336-Food Meme

Ganked from athenais

What's the last thing you ate?
I had a smoothie called a Hurricane (mango, banana, apple juice, cinnamon) and a bagel with lox spread.

What's your favorite cheese?
A good blue cheese is absolutely amazing.

What's your favorite fish?
Mahi Tuna.

What's your favorite fruit?
Red delicious apple.

When, if ever, did you start liking olives?
When I found out there were olives besides those nasty ones with the pimentos inside.

When, if ever, did you start liking beer?
Never liked it.

When, if ever, did you start liking shellfish?
When Jennifer and I started eating at Bumbershoots in Saddle River.

What was the best thing your parent/s used to make?
My mom wasn't much a cook, but she could do a good steak on Friday night. Dad taught me how to cook chicken.

What's the native specialty of your home town?
Fair Lawn, New Jersey? Either something dutch or something American Indian. Nothing that I know of.

What's your comfort food?
Steak. Mac N Cheese. Brownies.

What's your favorite type of chocolate?

How do you like your steak?

How do you like your burger?
Medium rare. It used to be rare, but lately I've gone more medium.

How do you like your eggs?
Hard boiled or sunny side up.

How do you like your potatoes?
Baked with lots of butter.

How do you take your coffee?
Can't stand the stuff.

How do you take your tea?
When I'm off sugar, it's mint or herbal with nothing else.
When I'm not it's with lots of honey and when I'm totally off the wagon, it's Earl Grey with oodles of milk and sugar.

What's your favorite mug?
C-SPAN Presidents Series.

What's your cookie of choice?
Chocolate chip.

What's your ideal breakfast?
Pork Store-Nadia's scramble (cheese, spinach, salsa) with cornbread. Cranberry juice.

What's your ideal sandwich?
Mozerella, eggplant, portobello mushroom on focaccia w/pesto.

What's your ideal pizza (topping and base)?
Thick crust, mushroom, sausage.

What's your ideal pie (sweet or savory)?

What's your ideal salad?

What food do you always like to have in the fridge?
I like to have a cooked chicken I can nibble on and some cheese. Bread and cold-cuts.

What food do you always like to have in the freezer?
Mac N Cheese and various dinners I can microwave.

What food do you always like to have in the cupboard?
Rice, pasta, peanut butter.

What spices can you not live without?
Lawrey's salt, Adolph's meat tenderizer, basil, mixed herbs.

What sauces can you not live without?
Soy, pesto, alfredo.

Where do you buy most of your food?
Safeway, Bi-rite, B&K market (my corner grocery)

How often do you go food shopping?
Once or twice a week big shopping, I usually pick up something on the way home.

What's the most you've spent on a single food item?
No idea. Probably meat.

What's the most expensive piece of kitchen equipment you own?
Does the refrigerator count?

What's the last piece of equipment you bought for your kitchen?
A spatula.

What piece of kitchen equipment could you not live without?
Tin foil.

How many times a week/month do you cook from raw ingredients?
Two to three.

What's the last thing you cooked from raw ingredients?
I cooked a chicken on Thursday.

What's your favorite thing to make for yourself?
A sandwich.

What meats have you eaten besides cow, pig, chicken and turkey?

What's the last time you ate something that had fallen on the floor?
I opened a bag of candy and some fell on the fall on Thursday night, I think. I picked some up.

What's the last time you ate something you'd picked in the wild?
Can't think of anything.

Place the following cuisines in order of preference.
Italian, Indian, Chinese, Sushi, Mexican, Thai, French.

Place the following boozes in order of preference (greatest to least):
(Keeping in mind I haven't had a drink since December 31, 1986
Whiskey, Brandy, Vodka, Whiskey, Gin, Tequila.

Place the following flavors in order of preference (greatest to least):
Basil, garlic, ginger, aniseed, lime.

Bread and spread:
Rye bread with carroway seeds and butter.

What's your fast food restaurant of choice, and what do you usually order?
BLECH!!!! But sometimes KFC-Dark meat dinner with mashed potatos and mac n cheese.
Also, I still have a weakness for McDonald's Egg McMuffins and Hash Browns.

What's your choice of tipple at the end of a long day?
See earlier answer. No tipple for me. :(

Favorite cookbook/s?
Peg Bracken's I Hate To Cook Book.
Silver Palate (just to laugh at it.)

Got any favorite food blogs?

What's the next thing you'll eat?
I might bring home sushi tonight after Karaoke.
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