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Meme A Day 2008-Day 339-Personal Heroes Meme

Ganked from mad_jaks. (Send her some lovin' vibes. Just because.)

The Personal Heroes Meme

The people that influenced your life, people you know, people you admire, celebs, can be anybody.

The one that can tell you where to stuff it without you wanting to kill them
njzynj a/k/a bff Jen, because she knows where I came from and how I got that way.

The one you're most grateful to.
beta_goddess. I would never have become the fanfic writer I am without her and that would have changed everything in my LJ life.

The one who can always put a smile on your face.
hllangel with her constant supply of Barrowman pics or puppies or something else to cheer me up.

The one who influenced your character, what you wanted to be.
That divides between Dad and Mom. I AM my father in many ways, but I want to be a writer because of mom.

The one who always makes you sing/dance.
All my Karaoke Kronies! I love you guys.

The one who can get you out of a funk when no one else can.
I'd have to say Hubby, although it can take some time and it's hard on both of us.

The one who set your political opinions on their heads.
I've been a dyed in the wool Democrat for a long, long time and that rarely gets turned around. Let's say a tie between Barack Obama and the United States of America for proving to me that a black man could get elected. Special mention to sarahetc and travels_in_time and anyone else on my f-list who isn't a lock-step liberal but I still can respectfully love and get along with. As long as they're not J/I fans.

The one you go to for moral advice.
For some reason, I tend to ask my co-worker Steven about a lot of that stuff, because "moral advice" keeps coming up in Desk of Doom issues.

The one you look up to -- period
Peggy. (Karaoke krony, girl-crush, trainer, all-around awesome person.)

The one whose hand you most want to shake if you had the chance.
Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. I would never have gotten through this election without them.

The one who made you what you are today; the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Back to Mom and Dad, along with Paul Lynde for making me the proud fag-hag that I am.
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