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Not much to say, but that never stopped me before.

Ruminations on "Finding Judas."

Question: Usually the episode title can be read more than one way. Do you guys thinking this one had any reference to the case itself, or was only about Tritter looking for someone to betray House?

Please say a prayer for Beta Goddess Carol who's satellite provider pulled FOX 38 minutes in the show! Not before, not after, in the middle of the fucking show!!!! So I was taking copious notes in order to recap for her.

This used to be such a smart show and now I feel like my intelligence is being insulted on a minute by minute basis. Last night's prime example: If Wilson still can't write prescriptions, what good is he in the clinic? What does House mostly do in the clinic besides insult people and shove thermometers up their butts? He writes prescriptions to make them go away.

I know Wilson had to be there for the Wilson/Cuddy and Wilson/Chase scenes, but still...I think any of us could have come up with something better than that.

How in the name of all that is good and holy and well written, do we go from office fight and the bus stop look of last week to somewhat good-natured (and not terribly interesting) chatting about the later years of Lenny Bruce?

I'm still on the fence about whether I like obvious shout-outs to the fans. "It's never lupus" was cute. "Chase on his knees" was a bit too much. Or maybe it's only obvious if you wear the slash-glasses.

Nice Foreman snark on Chase's ass-kissing ways of this season.

Tritter/Foreman-Booooorrrrrriiiinnnngggg. And here comes the exposition fairy to tell us about Foreman's in jail for drugs brother, who has never been mentioned before (unless I missed it) not even in "Euphoria" when dad came to emote.

Tritter/Cam-Yay for spiny Cam. Boo for more exposition. Who cares what she did in college? Interesting that she spoke for the whole audience when Tritter wanted to bring up 'poor, dead husband' and she said "don't go there."

Tritter/Chase-Shudder. Jesse and David were brilliant. I completely bled for Chase in that scene.

Acting honors of the week go to Lisa E, with honorable mention to the judge. That actress was awesome. I know there's no way a family court judge would adjudicate House's case, but wouldn't that be way cool, if he walks in to court and there she is again?

Back to Lisa E. Totally amazing. And her scene with RSL actually made me WANT Wilson/Cuddy. I thought there was genuine affection and a real give and take that's obviously been missing from House/Wilson for a while. (I know they were practically snogging in S.O.C.G, but as I've previously discussed, that's not necessarily what I want from on-screen H/W.)

House punching Chase. Somehow I really felt that the ship that got the most out of the ep (aside from Wilson/Cuddy) was House/Chase. Especially those who love bastard!House/usedandabused!Chase. I feel like the "Either you screwed me over and you want absolution or you didn't and you want applause" line could have come out of a H/Chase fic.

OK, back to WTF land...Chase tells Wilson that House missed one. Wilson says (and correct me if I'm wrong) "It's not the first time." Does Wilson think that Chase doesn't know about the thing with the guy from "Meaning"? Otherwise what the hell is he talking about?

And there it is, finally one our screens, an actual conversation between Chase and Wilson. Whooo-hoooo.

Did any one notice this is the second time Wilson has made a "Waiting For Godot" reference?

I read spoilers so I was never in doubt about Wilson going to Tritter, but I'm completely flummoxed by the tone. This should be monumental. Wilson should have suffered over the decision. If we don't get to see the suffering we should at least see the distaste, reluctance, self-loathing. Something. As it was, it came out (IMAO) way too glib. Plus the transition was just weird. I'm not actually sure what pushed Wilson over the edge. House's cruelty to Cuddy? House's cruelty to Chase? (Yeah, right.) The possibility that they might not have stopped the surgery in time or that a patient will die in the future. None that seems to make sense through my slashy-glasses H/W vision. The only thing that should do it would be 1. The suffering Wilson's gone through...assets frozen, car impounded, presumably getting thrown out of hotel (none of which we can surmise is bothering him at all in this episode) OR 2. What he said in the office scene last week, which implied it's all about House not caring about Wilson enough.

So to just saunter in with the Judas analogy, as calmly as he did, doesn't work for me AT ALL.

On the other hand, the events and WTF tone, make some fics I have in the hopper slightly more plausible and less Jossed than I would have thought was the case.

I was strongly on the side of House must NOT be cured of the limp/cane when the spoilers for Season three were being bandied about, and I'm equally adamant that House without his addiction is not House. If he goes to re-hab, I'd want it to be exactly as long-lasting as the ketamine. Sorry. That's the man I fell in love with and despite what Cameron may think, in this case, change would be bad.

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