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"Three's A Party" Torchwood/Dr. Who drabble 155 Words Rating-PG13

Title: Three's A Party
Fandom: Torchwood/Dr. Who
Characters: Jack/Ianto/?
Notes: Written for consci_fan_mo
Visual prompt posted at the end of story.

Ianto has accepted that Jack always cheats, but he would prefer that it not happen in front of his face. Meanwhile, Jack continues to extol the pleasures of three-way love. More mouths, more hands, more everything. So very Jack. Nothing and no one is ever enough.

So far Ianto has managed to fend off every possible suggestion for a third party.




“Lord, no!”

“John?” Jack offers, sounding far too interested for Ianto’s liking.

“I’d die first.”

“Who then?”

“Someone like you,” Ianto throws back, thinking he’s shut down the prospect once and for all, simply because there is no one like Jack, until he sees a flash of too-familiar light followed by a woman who seems to be all curly hair and a wicked grin that sparkles as brightly as Jack’s. It’s all over the minute he lets her drape one familiar arm around his shoulder.

“Hello, Ducky.”

Written from visual prompt:

Tags: consci_fan_mo, doctor who, drabble, fanfic, ianto jones, jack harkness, torchwood

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