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Why, why, why, why?

Why can't I just chillax and stay out of some things, especially things that have big, screaming, neon signs around them pretty much flashing THIS WAY TO THE WANK!!!!?

Yesterday. Fandom Secrets. http://i33.tinypic.com/i1ibro.jpg

Obviously this tickles my Owen-loving, you-know-who-hating fancy, although the Barrowmania trumps all so I'm not completely on board with the "more talented than the rest of the cast" put together part of the secret. However, I went in to offer love and support. Unfortunately, the secret-maker opined that she was sick-to-death of the Owen Is A Rapist thing, and even though it was only a small part of the secret, I had to weigh in with love for the Owen Is Not A Rapist viewpoint. And the inevitable happened, complete with personal attacks to the effect that EITHER I'm personally responsible for women being raped and not being able to come forward or get convictions OR I must be a rape-victim suffering from some sort of trauma, although I'm not sure exactly how they drew that conclusion.

Anyway, THIS post isn't about that issue itself. I've already spelled out my thoughts in THIS POST and written THIS FIC, if anyone still wants to read and comment over there. The question is why I can't stay away when it comes up again, along with all my other HOT BUTTON isues, like who Jack really loves and the validity of H/W as a fluff-pairing. Most of it got covered in the Things In Fandom I'll Never Apologize For MEME, but I'm sure there's other both in fandom and real life.

Do you guys have stuff like this? Topics that you just can't leave alone, no matter how much of a shit-storm you know you're going to walk into?
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