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Massively depressed. Can't sleep.

More work crap. Some is sort of my fault, but none all of my fault. Such as: Admin says she told me to book a limo. Everything was verbal so there's no email. There was a week between ticketing and travel and she never got an email showing a limo and never called and said "Hey, where's the limo confirmation." So the guy got to DC and expected a limo. NO LIMO.
Or I work really, really hard to find a first class seat on a flight today for a client and I get it ticketed. I ticket in a discounted First Class, but still absolutely confirmed First Class. Mind you, the firm I work for is cost conscious, so if I book First and there's a chance for a discount, I'm supposed to get it. Plus I had her confirmed Full First on an earlier flight, which she then changed. United changed planes so it was smaller plane with less First Class and she got bumped back to coach with a lousy seat. She claims it's my fault for using the discount. I think it may be because she didn't get confirmed till today. There's also an issue about her frequent flyer number not being in the record which is my fault and is a long story.
This account is no longer manageable by one person, but defacto I'm doing it alone because co-worker is swamped
with other accounts. So yeah, I'm a little over-worked and still supposed to be perky and perfect.
Then there's the fact that I'm doing a truly lousy job of managing food and blood sugar and caffeine. I come from a long line of short, fat, Jewish women with low blood sugar. I KNOW I should be doing the mini-meals and the fruits and veggies and whole grains and I'm not. Plus I'm doing caffeine in soda form too early in the day so after the initial lift I'm in a combo of sugar and caffeine detox and I'm not thinking straight.
I'm afraid of losing my job and especially access to my groovy, fast computer as opposed to the piece of shite I'm dealing with right now. (Which is getting the job done.)
So here I am, awake, alone and drowning in self-pity. (If it wasn't for self-pity, I wouldn't get any sympathy at all.)
I could watch some House DVD episodes but I'm supposed to pretend to at least try to go to sleep right?
OK, that's enough whining for now.
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