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Hit and Run TV Babble-Heroes, Numb3rs, CSI-NY plus review of Milk

Welcome back, LJ. What the hell was that about?


How's this for a vision: Your's truly at the gym this AM trying to not lose fanfic time to working out, but not willing to give up working out either...writing fanfic while on the life-cycle. Not just thinking up plots, writing. In a notebook. Managed to finish some smutty LOM fic for a certain Christmas get-together.

And now....

Oh yeah. Danny Fuckin' Messer of all people is going to randomly spill his guts to this couple, who have not exactly shown themselves to be paragons, and are presumably redeemed by listening to his crap? WTF?

Can we pleasepleaseplease, have a moritorium on ANY cop, medical or any variation of procedural using the "woman going crazy because she can't have a baby" as the killer?

It's pretty hard to care about the the whole Danny/Lindsay baby thing, when we know it's ONLY happening so Anna Belknap doesn't have to hide behind lab tables and big hand-bags for the next six months. The timing doesn't feel right at all, based on when they seem to have broken up behind Danny being a prick.

I love Danny. He's still a sexy m.f., but he was a prick and there's no evidence that he isn't at the moment. So if he gets "redeemed" by the pregnancy thing, I'm really going to throw rotten fruit and veggies at the writers.

Hey, Numb3rs, it's awesomely cool to cast 70's TV Icons as guest stars. It is awesomely UN-COOL to keep making them the bad guys. Fonzie was bad enough, but STARSKY??? Even in a beard? It's not doing much for the old "suspense" thingie, if I know who the baddie is just because I used to watch him when I was 10 years old.

I know Kevin Tighe was Not the bad guy a few weeks ago, but how many people besides me, even recognized him?

Where the fuck does Charlie get off getting all whiney, mopey about Amita having gotten busted for pot at Pink Floyd concerted and (oooohhhhh) not telling him? Fuck you, Charlie. Mr. "Lost his security clearance for sending formulas to Pakistan and made Don put his job on the line to get it back."

And now that whole thing is a joke? Run Amita, run like the wind. You can do so much better.

Not impressed with Don's girlfriend (Robin, Liz, I can't tell them apart) throwing a hissy-fit because Don wants to hit Shul from time to time. (Cause he's suddenly remembered he's really Joel Fleischman, or something.)

Could they possibly have made the conspiracy guy NOT an overweight loser? I doubt it.

What the What was up with the guy at the end, anyway?

Can I pleasepleaseplease have an icon of Nathan in chains? PLEASE---I'll drabble any prompt you want in return.

That was about all the good that came out of that episode.
Still not getting anything out of Elle/Sylar and I don't freakin' care if he's a Petrelli or NOT.

STFU CLAIRE!!!! Get over your whiney-ass self.

So, if everybody had just chilled out and waited for the stupid eclipse to pass, we could have skipped EVERYTHING that happened last week?

You know you're in trouble when the best part of a Heroes episode is Hiro/Ando and Matt/Daphne schmoop. (Hiro/Ando are kind of schmoopy too, now that I think of it.)
The stuff with Seth Green and Breckin Myer was adorable, and I love that they're finally picking up on Isaac giving the bike messenger the sketch-book, but for all the Meta-ness, I'm not sure having Hiro say to what are basically stand-ins for Heroes fans "You guys have never grown up."

If I were obsessed with this show or something. (Who me?) I might be a little insulted.

Beautiful. Just beautiful. Sean Penn is amazing and should definitely win the Oscar. How nice is it to see him in a role where he actually gets to smile.

Some of the people who knew Dan White are saying that he is badly treated, although it's not half as bad as it probably could have been, and he doesn't come across as purely evil as either John Briggs or Anita Bryant, both of whom are truly hiss-able. Josh Brolin is scary good. Maybe he should start looking around for a more sympathetic role, after doing this AND W.

If anybody might want to scream over the depiction of a "real life" character it would be the surviving friends and family of Jack Luna. I have no idea how true-to-life that part was, but the character totally came across as the clinging, fucked, boy-friend from hell. When he hung himself, I was NOT full of sympahty.

2nd or 3rd best performance goes Cleve Jones glasses.

Victor Garber only gets a few scenes as Mayor Moscone, but he's great and it's good to see him there.

I seriously wish this had been released before the election, because could have made a difference and if Prop 8 had been fought the way Harvey and his people fought Prop 6, this thing could have gone the other way.

The movie works as a "straight" (hahah) bio-pic, while it's also effective political propaganda, and I have no problem with that part of it either.

Plus, it's a San Francisco movie, which makes it even more special to me. The Castro looks different, but not that different so a lot of this story takes place about five blocks from my front door.
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