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Since we didn't get a new episode...let's talk about old ones.

Today's House-babble will be a discussion of MISERY.

I'm a H/W slasher, although round-heeled in the extreme. In believe to my soul that there is some kind of H/W relationship whether it be "now" or in the past that is more than friendship.

But that's not what the discussion is about.

I've been watching a lot of Season 2 lately for fics in progress.
Here are some quotes as verbatim as I can get them, all from the illustrious, Dr. Wilson.

"Daddy's Boy": I figure the only thing worse than watching your son become a cripple is watching him be miserable.

"Need To Know": Being miserable doesn't make you better than anyone else, it just makes you miserable.

"Safe": You're miserable and you want to keep me here and make me miserable.

So the question for discussion-Is House miserable?

Points for discussion: Does Wilson want/need him to be miserable so that House needs him?
If House is miserable, is it the pain or something else? And you can answer that question as slashily or non-slashily as you like.

Back in Season 1-Cuddy said something to the effect of "You do something to make me miserable. I do something to make you miserable. I win, because you're already miserable." Does she mean it the same way?

I have an opinion (SHOCK!) but I want to hear yours.
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