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"The Roses Are Sighing" Nine/Rose/Jack-drabbble 100 words Rated-G

Title: The Roses Are Sighing
Fandom: Dr. Who
Characters: Nine/Rose/Jack
Rating: G
Notes: Written for consci_fan_mo to the prompt: Doctor Who; Jack/Nine; Only the very young and the very beautiful. (My apologies to the prompter-Rose managed to get in there too.) Special thanks to hllangel for interactive Beta services.

Summary: A musical revelation.

He could dance and he did, but eventually even a Time Lord has to stop for breath.

The TARDIS picked that moment for a tempo change, leaving the Doctor to watch the two young people move slowly in each other’s arms, and he couldn’t help noticing how beautiful Rose Tyler really was.

He’d always loved her sense of adventure and her heart, even admiring the way she’d managed to prevent him from destroying the last Dalek. Somehow her physical attributes had escaped his attention; now it was impossible to think of anything else.

Except the beauty of her dancing partner.

Tags: doctor who, jack harkness, jack/doctor, rose tyler

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