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Fic status report-

These are fics that I have on deadline-personal or otherwise-to be updated (hopefully) as I get them finished/posted/sent etc.

1. Jack/Dead!Owen fic-Inspired by yet another fit of pique. I will not only subvert canon, I will subvert psuedo-canon. About 2 pages typed up, but most of the story in my head, including some real zingers. Will probably post as a consci_fan_mo project. ---UPDATE----1st draft typed and sent to beta. - Have received beta notes. Will send back for a final approval. POSTED

2. yuletide
A-Two fics written for original recipient. One is basically ready to upload and one I have beta notes on and will have to do heavy re-writing.
B-One pinch-hit. I have the basic outline in my head, but need to do some re-watching of the source material to figure out if I'm not too far off the canon for my recipient's taste.---Update-one yuletide beta says my fic that I thought was done needs a punchier ending so that's needs a another run-through. - Uploaded

2nd update-New ending written for one fic and sent to betas.
Beta notes accepted and changes done on 2nd fic. Waiting for OK from Beta.
Update-Both betas have approved the new ending. I can attempt to upload my first Yuletide tonight. Uploaded

3. H/W gift exchange fic-I have two sets of beta notes-need to do serious re-writing over the weekend. I'm hoping it won't be too dark for the recipient. Recipient didn't mention fluff vs angst in the request, so I took it in my usual bleak direction. - Updates-Beta notes incorporated and changes made-New version back out to beta. -- Both betas approved. Fic sent to Savemoony.

4. Massive Capt. John/Tosh fic written based on several requests. Out to Beta. Waiting on notes. Hoping to post on the 24th of december, but not sure it's gonna happen.

5. Massive Dark!Jeeves fic-1st draft finished and out to beta. Considering the length of the work and the complexity of the language, this will be lucky to see the light of day by spring.

6. Capt. John fic requested by kohlrimmedeye. Basically done and on hold for posting on Christmas.

7. Life on Mars fic with Christmas theme. 1st draft written long-hand. Needs to be typed and betaed. Hopefully ready by candesgirl's Christmas party. - Update-typed up and out to beta. Posted

8. Life on Mars genfic-suggested by lozenger8 during a fanficrants comment discussion on "Where's the LOM Gen?"
I also had the first draft of that in the lost notebook, but on secnd thought it's not that much of a loss. I'd still like to put something together for this.

9. NOVEL 2008-Which will now be NOVEL 2009. Three finished and "betaed" chapters. One more finished. I lost the notebook with the outline and am no longer hopeful that I will get it back. Basically I will need to reconstruct my road-map although I have a new ending based on a dream. Things will get even more vicious and surreal than originally planned. Hopefully the hurt inflicted will be greater as well.

10. Jesse Spencer/John Barrowman-AU RPS-Over a year on the back-burner. I'm still convinced I can pull this off before the end of the year.

11- House/Cam/Chase threesome leading to H/W angst. It's been well and truly Jossed by recent events but I haven't quite let go of wanting to do it either.

I'll probably keep doing drabbles for consci_fan_mo as well, just cause they're fun.
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