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Meme A Day 2008-Day 348-QUESTIONS-Maybe the last batch?

Ganked from suzie_shooter

1) Last night, did you go to sleep happy?
More or less. I was tired so I crashed pretty hard.

2) Anyone told you a secret this week?
I'd say so, but I can't tell you about it.

3) Did you have a good day yesterday?
Work wasn't too horrible, although one client has been jerking me around. Then it was party time.

4) What was the highlight of today?
Hubby told me a Zen joke before he went out to meditate.

5) Do you ever turn your cell phone off?

6) What happened at 3:00am today?
I was sleeping and I haven't heard any news yet.

7) When was the last time you took a picture with a friend?
Maybe when secondsilk was here?

8) Ever kissed a friend?
All the time.

9) Do you hate anyone?
Hell to the yeah!

10) Last time you wore the opposite sex's clothing?
I have some men's shirts that I wear a lot. Not sure the actual last time though.

11) Do you have a best friend?
Me and bff Jen, going strong since high school.

12) Have you ever collapsed on the bathroom floor?

13) When was the last time you bought something?
Wrapping paper at Papyrus on my lunch break yesterday.

14) Have you ever told someone you love them?

15) Do you play an instrument?
Nope. I've tried to learn a few. Utter failure.

16) What's the reason behind your usernames?
Because I'm a karaoke junkie.

17) What do you want in your life right now?
To get a shit-load of writing and editing done today. Long-term: Novel 2008/2009.
Longer term-Get out of miserable travel job.

18) Is there anyone that you call baby?
Other people's puppies.

19) In the next 4 months what are you looking forward to the most?

20) Why?
DUH! John. Burn. Awesome LJ friends.

21) What are you thinking of right now?
I need to pee. (Hey, you asked.)

22) Do your carry an umbrella when it rains, or just put up your hood?

23) Have you ever sat and waited for someone to come online?
I have. Especially back in the Former Soul Mate days.

24) When was the last time you laughed so hard you thought you were going to cry?
The first time I saw the "Parthenon in Athens" clip from QI.

25) What did you tell someone today?
My credit card number to make a payment on a bill.

26) Do you wear Crocs?
Whenever possible.

27) What do you smell like?
Probably not to good at the moment. A bit iron-y if you know what I mean.

28) Do you like dressing up?
I like the results, but not the process. Getting lazy in my old age.

29) Have you ever considered a sex change?

30) What is the nearest book to you?
Antique Watches

31) What will you buy next?
Birth control pills and mousetraps.

32) Are you bored?
No. I just have to get this done before I can start writing.

33) What's on your mind right now?
How much writing I have to get done.

34) What are you wearing?
Oversized sweat pants and a Deco Gecko sweatshirt from Maui

35) Any plans for today?
Writing, writing, writing.

36) What's the connection between you and the last person that called you?
I owed money from a card I forgot I had. (I got a Gap card to save money when I bought Hubby some jeans a few weeks ago.)

37) What's your favorite Gatorade flavor?
Blue Ice

38) Are you wearing anything you borrowed from someone?

39) Can you sleep in jeans?
Not any more.

40) Where were you on July 4th, 2007?
Probably just hanging out at home.

41) What new thing happened today?
So far nothing.

42) When was the last time you saw your best friend?
Years ago. I haven't seen her physically in years. Probably when I went back to NJ for my father's unveiling. We went to the mall, hung out, had dinner. That MIGHT even be when she showed me the clips and tried to turn me on to Buffy via Spike/Buffy. It didn't really take but all these years laters, I used James Marsters to turn her on to Torchwood and Who.

43) Will you ever kiss the last person you kissed again?
I'd think so.

44) Do you trust people easily?
Not so much.

45) Do you ever say "Dawg?"
Ouch! Sometimes. RARELY.

46) What was the best compliment today?
I got a nice lj comment on one of my consci_fan_mo drabbles. They said it was "beautiful".

47) Who was last to cook for you?
Whoever made the sandwich I bought for lunch yesterday, although I heated it up myself in the office microwave.

48) Do you think you'll be married in 10 years?
I do.

49) Have you ever owned a piggy bank?
YUP. It might still be around here somewhere.

50) When was the last time you went swimming?
Maui. SIGH!

51) In the past 5 years what is one thing you regret the most?
Former Internet Soul Mate. Giving my heart and having it shattered.

52) What do you do when you are lonely?
LJ. Writing. Obsessive youtube searching.

53) What were you doing at 9pm Friday night?
I was in the cab on the way to Ben's party
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