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Meme a Day 2008-Day 349-Another Alphabet Meme

Ganked from fabulouso

A is for age: 44
B is for beer of choice: I don’t drink
C is for career right now: Travel Agent
D is for dogs name: I don’t have any. (But want one desperately.)
E essential item used everyday: Computer.
F fav tv show: I want to say House but it's causing me so much misery lately and I have a feeling that the next series of Torchwood is going to do the same. How about Top Gear? I'm only getting older eps on BBCA but it NEVER makes me miserable.
G fav game: Milles Borne
H is for hidden talent: Can't tell you. It's a secret.
I is for icecream flavour: Chunky Monkey
J is for juice: Odwalla Berries Go-Mega
K whose butt would I kick: The House MD Crack Monkeys i.e. writing staff.
L is for restaurant i last ate at: Samovar. (OMG-Polenta Ginger Waffle!)
M is for marriage: Till death do us part.
N is for nickname: Mirs, Mimi, Kitty.
O for overnight hospital stays: I don't think so. And I never actually stayed over-night for Hubby's recent medical crisis.
P people I was with today: Hubby, and various people encountered during bagel run.
Q quote: Nobody takes my frock-Captain Jack Harkness..
R biggest regret: Not finishing college and ending up in this miserable business.
S is for sexuality: You people and your quaint little categories.
T time i woke up today: 830AM-ish.
U for underwear: Victoria's Secret cotton briefs.
V for vegetable: Eggplant/mushrooms.
W for worst habit: (according to hubby) Leaving lights on.
Y for yummy food i ate today: Everything bagel with butter.
Z for zodiac sign: Libra/Scorpio cusp. Getting more Scorpian the older I get.
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