karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

OMG! This is some serious crack/femslash/drabble.

Title: Closing Time
Fandom: Cheers
Pairing: Carla/Lilith
Word Count: 225
Prompt: Challenge 94-Charity
Rating: G
A/N-I've never written sit-com slash before. Written for femslash100 Inspired by/dedicated to/beta-ed by rivers_bend

Carla glared at the back of the last customer keeping her from closing up. What the hell was Dr. Crane's wife still doing here so late?

She had to admit Lilith Sternin was an improvement over the blonde demon who had possessed the bar for nearly five years. Carla occasionally had Father Mario come by to sprinkle Holy Water around the pool table. You couldn't be too careful.

The brunette had an equally large stick up her butt, but at least it was a nice butt to look at. And those legs. Just once Carla would like to know how it felt to have a pair of legs like that. Or maybe just have them wrapped around her. Carla watched as Lilith undid coiled braids that normally made her appear as tightly wound as an antique alarm clock. Once loosened, the hair fell down around her shoulders, long and black. Carla imagined twisting her hands in it, using it to pull Lilith's face down toward hers.

"Don't you have somewhere to go? Even Fred & Barney called it a night over an hour ago."

"Frasier's in Boca playing in a charity Scrabble tournament."

A lonely shrink. An empty bar. Carla Tortelli knew exactly what to do with that combination.

"You ever had an empty coffin?"

Lilith would never know what hit her.
Tags: drabble

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