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"A Royal Bed" Dr. Who Jack/Doctor PG13 Wordcount-375

Title: A Royal Bed
Fandom: Dr. Who
Characters: Jack/Doctor, reference to previous companion
Rating: PG13

Multi-tasking fic. Written for consci_fan_mo from prompt:
Loud the winds howl
Loud the waves roar
Thunderclouds fill the air
baffled our foes
stand by the shore
follow they will not dare.

Yes, that's right. My own prompt. What can I tell you?

Also as cheer-up fic for hllangel who is feeling poorly and wanted some Jack/Doctor fic.

Please note, everything I know about Jamie, I learned from Wiki and donutsweeper, whose fic Memory Is What You Make Of It obviously inspired this one.

After all the stubbornness and stupidity, the hurtful words and wounded feelings, they were finally together.

A new Doctor had come looking for him, and Jack hadn’t thought for a minute, although this time he did say good-bye. The Doctor didn’t say where they were going, but he did tell Jack to brush up on his Gaelic, and then he told him to say nothing. Jack was willing to be kissed into silence, and held down firmly until he could actually believe the Doctor when he said it didn’t matter.

Hours, maybe even days later, they’d landed on a boat and the Doctor was cursing, in what might have been fluent Gallifreyan. Thanks to the TARDIS, Jack got the gist, though. Something along of the lines of “so near and yet so far.”

Using his best brogue, and the usual charm, he determined that they were on a boat to the Isle of Skye, which rang a bell in his head, and he went looking for an Irish maid who was no maid at all but Bonnie Prince Charlie himself.

“Captain Jack Harkness,” he said, rolling the R's.

“Stop it!”

Jack’s new Doctor showed up behind him with the same annoying, yet flattering, tendency toward jealousy as the previous ones. Only for this man would he curtail his natural instincts, now that he actually had something worth being faithful to. He still had to wonder exactly who or what they’d missed so narrowly this time.

“Did you lose a companion around here somewhere?”

The sigh and the silence told all.

“You wouldn’t need to worry. He’s not like you.”

“I’ve been through a lot of history, Doctor. There’ve always been people like me.”

There was a shrug, and a shiver. The howling wind went through Jack’s coat. The Doctor must be freezing.

“Would you mind if we tried again? The way I left him…it wasn’t fair. I need to try and make it up to him.”

Jack tried not to let those words hurt him. Maybe the Doctor was actually starting to understand the effect he had on people and making it up to Jack was the first in a long line of amends to be made.

“Let’s go find him.”

Jack understood penance.

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