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Some gloating, some bitching, and some TV Babble


For the first time in a long time, and not that easy considering that it's been cold and/or raining at least three days this week.

But it's now less than a month to the Squeee Odyssey and I want to look good when I get there. (Because of course John will see me from the stage, despite the lights in his eyes and come out to swear his undying love, simply because I've done a few extra miles on the treadmill.)



International travel. Return from SFO to Cairo. Two adults and a child. The adults want wheelchair assistance throughout, but they've deliberately taken a long, long layover in Amsterdam JUST so they can shop at the Duty Free story, which means the wheel-chair assistants have to wheel them around the smelly perfume zone while they spent money.

This is the second change to the return and I fucking BEGGED the admin to let me wait on the changes, in case they changed again and she insisted I change the tickets, which was a bitch anyway. So now I have to to it ALL OVER AGAIN and it's going to be an even bigger bitch. GOD I'M PISSED!!!!


Heroes babble for Our Father and Dual.

There's really no need for the cut, because I basically have NOTHING TO SAY, since nothing makes sense anymore. Yeah, it's nice to see Sylar back to his eeeeevil self, but it makes everything we've been through in his "redemption" a waste of time.

Claire and Hiro are now both officially fucking idiots for their screwing around with time lines, especially Claire. As in DON'T TOUCH THE BABY!!!!

Beyond that, I no longer have any idea what's going on, who I'm supposed to care about or be rooting for.

Since Hayden Panetierre no longer looks remotely 16-ish, putting her in scenes with Jack Coleman playing Younger Noah is an especially bad idea if you're trying to avoid that which titillates me, while squicking others out.

By Dual, they've completely abandoned plot or character continuity and everybody's got a bad case of Mohinders TALKTALKTALK problem. STFU Mohinder, Peter, Nathan, Sylar et al. Just shut the fuck up.

All that's left at this point is the opportunity for random perving over Jack Coleman and Adrian Pasdar, and wondering when they're just gonna let Peter and Nathan make out, because even thought I don't necessarily believe Pasdar and Milo V. are really going at it, I do think they're playing subtext more intensely than anything I've seen since Season 1 and 2 House/Wilson. I don't ship it, because Milo V. does nothing for me, but it's pretty hard NOT to see it.

And as for the next "Chapter"...WTF????

So let me see if I've got this straight...basically Five Years Gone comes true only with Nathan as a Senator (and presumably not anyone in disguise) OH LOOK, it's an African American President. I wonder if they shot two versions of that scene or waited until after the election? Or just guessed lucky. Either way....do we get the whole Five Years Gone scenario including "terrorist" Hiro or not? And how many of the people who died in Dual are really dead?

I'm sorry. This show has cried wolf with "dying" too often. It's gotten to be like Alias in the 4th and 5th season. No one is really, most sincerely dead. I'm sure of it.

Cameron becomes Dean of Medicine.

What amuses me is that when this was first emailed to me and I saw "Cuddy out, Cameron in," all I could think was David Shore has never given up his hot nut for House/Cameron and now that Hugh has bought a house and signed for the big bucks, David'ss got enough leverage to make him do it..

Obviously the plot point makes no sense, but actually neither does an immunologist running the ER. More Cam-time might mean less Thirteen time. Maybe Cam can have the balls that House and Cuddy don't have and fire Thirteen's ass, although it would be massively hypocritical given you know, Meth Sex. On the other hand, Meth sex was hot and Bi-Hunt-Skankiness ISN'T, so be my guest and get your self-righteousness on, if it gets rid of her, Cam.

Which leads back to the whole House/Cuddy thing and what's been so wrong with the way they played it this season. House/Cuddy do have chemistry and it works when she's got BALLS. However, since the ending of Needle In A Haystack, she's effectively given them up. Presumably her guilt about House's leg is specific. It's not just that he's in pain, it's that she's somewhat responsible.

They've NEVER dealt with her part in Three Stories. In retrospect, having her in there as the physician who gave Stacy the information about the "middle way" means that she is forever culpable in his pain, and while they could get through it, and have some kind of angsty, hot, but always eventually painful relationship, it would require the writers to DEAL WITH IT.

They'd have to have a scene where it gets mentioned and House really deals with his feelings about her. I know people are still angry and ambivalent about a lot of the Stacy arc, but at least that got dealt with. At length. You can still read "Need to Know" as House deliberately sleeping with Stacy and then sending her back to Mark as punishment, although Hugh's acting when House realizes that Stacy hasn't told Mark, makes you BLEED for him.

IF the writers were willing to write scenes like that and have the issues dealt with, including possibly Wilson's whereabout's during the infarction, then and only then could House and Cuddy have any kind of onscreen relationship. Best case scenario would also deal with one-night stand revealed in Top Secret, which has joined Robin the hooker and Wilson's brother on the Island of Lost Plot Points.

I KNOW that if they actually did this, there'd be less opportunity for fan-fic, but I might be a happier House-frau.
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