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Here we go again...I cant find my black folder

It's got printed out fanfic in it, as well as my autographed picture of John Barrowman, some of the Christmas cards I received from you lovely people, a few medical documents etc.

I brought it from work last night. I'm SURE I had it at the pharmacy. I'm kind of sure I had it at the corner store. I thought I had it when I came into the apartment.

Can't find it anywhere. Have looked all over, and driven hubby crazy, including bitching at him for not noticing whether I had it when I came in, as if it's his business to take an inventory of my belongings upon arrival just because my brain is shriveling on a daily basis.

I'll retrace my steps and check at the story and Walgreens on my way back to the BART STATION, but since the Cat In A Hoodie Notebook Incident (still not found), my faith in the universe's ability to put me back with my stuff has deteriorated.


ETA-If it turns up at the store or the pharmacy, I will take that as a go ahead to do the "Seven Days of Happiness Meme." If not, I would be pretty hard pressed to find anything to sparkle about immediately and would fill the meme with vindictive pleasures, which would hardly be in the spirit of the thing.

ETA-FOUND! Halle-bloody-lu-jah and thanks to the lovely folks at Walgreens 16th & Mission. Looks like the "Happy Meme" will be a go. Although 7 days worth? EEP!
Tags: bitching, journal, losing my mind, whinging, whining

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