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House-babble for "Merry Little Christmas"

Includes spoilers, musing about last week's spoilers and the usual paranoid bitiching of a paranoid bitch.

Since someone (probably many someones) already beat me to the Make The Yuletide GAY bit, let just click on

Well this sure made "Deception" look like a toe-tapper, huh kiddies?

So far I've only watched once and may come back to edit or ammend with more insights, but here's what I'm thinking right now.

Jesse got the short stick this week after his awesomeness last week. Aside from making it clear he wasn't brooding over the punch and showing off his bruise make-up? Nada.

Omar-Got a few bits including the desk break-in, which I think was very in character, and the reaction to "House, you've tanned." line, but also a candidate for unemployment.

Meredith Eaton who played the mom was AMAZING! I remembered her from CSI a few years back. Here's her IMDB listing: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0247860/
It was really nice to see the mother of a patient be totally cool, because parents of patients on this show usually aren't. She didn't even lie about anything. When was the last time that happened?


I'm pretty cool with the H/W "rift", the angst, the leaving in puke etc etc. I still think this will be back to the normal "stupid, screwed up" situation by the end of the season and I'm happy with all the extemely dark, angsty fic that some of my fic idols will no doubt produce during the hiatus. If HL & RSL don't get Emmy nominations and WIN, then I'm going to work on organizing a major riot, because it will be complete and utter bullshit. These guys are acting their asses off.

Speculation debunked:
So much for a lot of the theorizing that went on in H/W circles that Wilson had a "cunning plan" possibly in cahoots with House and equally so much for the "Wilson had to do it to keep Chase from getting there first." No signs of that at all, either in Chase's demeanor or Wilson's defense of himself. If he believed that or the writers think he believed that I think he would have said it to Cameron at some point during the snipe-fest.

Here's what got me super confused. I could have sworn (and I may be wrong about this) that the spoiler that came over from TWoP and was much bandied about on House_Wilson and various other comms was that Wilson would be the one who found House doing the cutting. I know the H/W contingent was appalled to once again see House accepting any kind of help/comfort from Cam. (Hell, I'm still pissed about the Walnut/Ginger tea.) Honestly, I didn't see the anvils as badly this week and I'm not in a particularly Die Cameron, Die mood right his minute, although that could change at any moment. If you are in that mood, you need to read this
because it's brilliant and will make you feel much better. And no, it isn't mine. I do occasionally pimp people other than myself.

If that spoiler had been true and it was Wilson finding House cutting...how would you have felt...and I know there are non H/W shippers reading this as well. I'm just curious as to how the scene would have resonated differently no matter which glasses you're wearing.

Also the spoilers made it sound like we would see actual cutting close-ups. I'm supremely grateful that didn't happen. I still haven't gotten over the injection scene from "Distractions."

So here's the thing that really really jumped out at me, and it's something I haven't seen on any other rants, metas etc.

Am I the only one who got the feeling that TPTB might be using the Wilson/Cam bitchfight as a Chemistry Test for Wilson/Cameron? Let's say that even David Short can read the writing on the wall and it says "House/Wilson forever, House/Cameron never." but he still needs a potential Het pairing. He's already screwed up Chase/Cam with "Hunting", Hugh really is prepared to dig in his heels on House/Cam and for some reason the lovely Lisa E isn't deemed hot enough by the geniuses in the big offices. Because between you, me and the sound activated light wall I recently received in my Christmas Stocking, if anyone was due for hate!sex after this episode, it was Wilson and Cameron. Not that I think it's a great idea or that there's a lot of chemistry going on, but as a fic-writer, it certainly made sense. It would be "All About House" but it could still happen and go from there, especially because Wilson is so on the edge and if there is a "rift" he might be very lonely. From the suit's POV, Wilson/Cam knocks down two of the big House/Cam objections, the age difference and the boss thing.

So what about my previous paranoia regarding impending Wilson/Cuddyness? Not so much this week, although somehow we've gone all the way back to the beginning of the season with Wilson/Cuddy conspiracies. Will those two never learn?

I need to watch again, this time with Hubby, the detox nurse to decide how I really feel about House doing his pills&booze thing and the Wilson coming in doing the 5 meter hurdle to get to House and then...leaving. But really from a pure H/W shipper point of view...WILSON STILL HAS THE KEYS!!! What else is there to say?

It's gonna be a long month, but I know you guys are all gonna write some awesome fic.

Ready, Steady, Go!

Is he really, really, really going to rehab? Do we really, really, really want him to? Personally, and I know I'm evil, I fell in love with a drug addict and that's how I want him.
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