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Not at the Castro tonight.

This is the first time in three years or so that I haven't been at the Castro for the Home For The Holidays Concert by the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus. Just couldn't do it this year. I feel bad about this. I like to support my friends in the Chorus, especially Big Frank, from the Mint and attending the concert, is like Bay to Breakers, something that makes me feel very San Franciscan.

This year, I didn't get tickets in advance, and I had to work today. Then there was a Muni issue which meant I didn't get to Safeway until ten minutes before closing time. I did run into this I know from the Mint. He's absolutely adorable and I totally can't remember his name. Anyway we rode up to Church Street together. He went to the Mint and I went Safeway. You can imagine what a zoo that was. Unfortunately we're going to see Psycho-sis tomorrow, so I had to stock up to cook before we go over.

I will probably demand a trip to the Mint afterwards, as I will definitely need it.

I also bailed on the Menorah Lighting in Union Square on Sunday. I was sick as a dog and it was FREEZING out there.

Basically except for yuletide, and writing gift-fics, I'm really not feeling the holidays at all.

High-five to hllangel. We both did a total for four fics for yuletide.

My real holiday will come with Squeeee Odyssey, which is unbelievably, less than three weeks away. OMG!


I set a PR for Beta today-Five fics for four different fan fic writers. Thanks to everyone who asked me to work on their fic. It's always an honor.


More Christmas card arrivals:

Hubby's friend, Pam
Our sister-in-law, Cathy
Bubbles, the regional manager.

Thanks everybody. You guys rock.
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