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Frost/Nixon-Movie review and some other blogging

Hubby has taken up Zen meditation.

He’s always had an inclination towards various forms of mysticism, and right now he’s very caught up in Zen Buddhism. In fact as I type this, he’s reading the introduction to the Flower Ornament Sutra, while eating bagels & lox. I think this is a good thing in terms of getting him emotionally grounded and ready to go back to work, nearly six months to the day after the accident.

He gets up in the morning and meditates and on Saturdays he goes to the Zen Center at Laguna and Page to attend classes, hear lectures etc. Yesterday I met him at the new Samovar, which is kitty-corner from the Zen Center for brunch and tea before we grabbed a cab and headed down to Metreon for the 2PM show of Frost/Nixon.

I really loved the movie. Great story, well told. All kinds of awesome acting. Michael Sheen was incredible and there are almost no words for what Frank Langella did as Nixon. (Although this was probably the final shattering of my image of him from his Dracula days.) I still want Sean Penn to win the Oscar for Best Actor and Milk to win Best Movie, but they do make an interesting pair of insights into 70’s politics and bad hair. I don’t know if Matthew McFadyen grew that thing or it was a wig, but BADBADBAD. However he shows his arse toward the end, which is awesome.

Sam Rockwell had hair issues as well, but was intense and wonderful. Loved Kevin Bacon, Rebecca Hall was good, although I’m not sure what the point of the character is. Until I was able to check IMDB, I was convinced she was Jaime Murray from Hustle.

Special kudos for Patty McCormack (yes the Patty McCormack, from The Bad Seed) as Pat Nixon. (Bonus points for Joe Spano,

When I was growing up, Nixon was the baddie of baddies, but compared to what we’ve had the last 8 years, he seems much better by comparison. In fact the last time PBS showed the interviews a few years back, hubby suggested we watch them to see “real evil” but by then I was already in the Bush is Worse camp. Since then I think he’s come around to my way of thinking.

What made it especially interesting was that we came home and watched a CSPAN-2 interview with Frost himself about what was and wasn’t true in the play and the movie.

Weird dream-

I was on the Squeeee Odyssey only I got side tracked to a train trip to China with my father. What’s strange about this, aside from the unlikelihood of getting a train from Birmingham UK to China, is that my father died in 2002. So I was trying to call the gang in Birmingham and get to the show, but I couldn’t because I was stuck on a train in China with my father. Very confusing. No idea what this means about my feelings about the trip itself or my father. Hopefully, it’s not a premonition of getting side-tracked in any way.

I understand that some people think making the arrangements in such a way that I was theoretically risking my job if the time-off thing didn’t work out is possibly a sign of insanity. To which I say a hearty bollocks to you. It did work out and I’m going to see John and Burn and lots of my LJ buddies in Birmingham and London.

(Unless I end up on a train to China or something.)
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