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Meme A Day 2008-Day 363-Movie Trivia Meme

Ganked from rabidgod

1.) Look up ten of your favorite films on IMDB.
2.) Go to "trivia" and pick out the most interesting fact about each film.
3.) Copy + paste!
4.) Comment if you like

1. Breakfast At Tifanny's
According to the screenplay, 2-E's real name is Emily Eustace, hence the nickname "2-E."
For some reason, I'd always thought it referred to her apartment number.

2. Apocalypse Now
Sam Bottoms was on speed, LSD, and marijuana during the shooting of parts of the movie.

3. To Live and Die in LA
1980s band Wang Chung provided much of the soundtrack for this movie. When Chance enters the topless bar for the first time, Wang Chung's first hit song, "Dance Hall Days", is playing in the background.
I love the score for this movie, which in true 80's style, I still only have on cassette.

4. The Lion In Winter
This was the second time that Peter O'Toole played King Henry II. The first time was in Becket (1964). He received Academy Award nominations for both performances.

5.Music and Lyrics
During the premiere in Amsterdam, a woman pretended to interview Hugh Grant but ended up handcuffing herself to him, and walking the red carpet with him.
Well, who wouldn't?

6.From Here to Eternity
A false rumor has been circulating for years that George Reeves, who played Sgt. Maylon Stark, had his role drastically edited after preview audiences recognized him as TV's "Superman". According to director Fred Zinnemann, screenwriter Daniel Taradash and assistant director Earl Bellamy, the rumor is false. Every scene written for Reeves' character was filmed, and each of those scenes is still present in its entirety in the film as released. This rumor is nonetheless repeated as truth in Hollywoodland (2006), a movie about the investigation into Reeves' death.

7. To Have and Have Not
Andy Williams was hired to dub Lauren Bacall's singing "How Little We Know", but director Howard Hawks decided to go with Bacall.
Hmmmmm. I'd always read that they DID use Andy Williams voice. Either way it's kind of weird considering that Andy's voice sounds nothing like what Bacall sounded like in the movie or what would have been expected to come out of her mouth, even with her husky voice. He would have been around 17 at the time. Even with a Wayne Newton-ish kind of voice, it still doesn't make sense.

8. Four Weddings and a Funeral
Hugh Grant was not first choice to play Charles; Alan Rickman was initially in the frame.
THAT would have been different.

9.The Player
Cher appears at the awards ceremony in a bright red dress, despite the invitation specifying "black and white only." In real life, Cher never wears red.

10.The Band Wagon
Several times in the film you see theatre marquees or posters showing the title "The Proud Land" - especially in the "Girl Hunt" ballet number. This is the title of a novel featured in the plot of Vincente Minnelli's film from the previous year The Bad and the Beautiful (1952).
I love stuff like that.

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