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House drabbles-House/Wilson, Wilson/Cuddy and a few others.

The first four were written for the Music Is My Boyfriend Meme.

Title: Bad Night On a Bus
Characters: House, Wilson, Amber
Written for: hansolo5
Prompt: House/Amber, on the bus, before the crash.
Song: Oh, Lonesome Me-Bobby Darin
Rating: R-for language

He’d managed to get drunk enough to lose the keys, but not nearly enough to kill the pain. The leg throbbed with the agony of one clear message. Wilson. Didn’t. Care.

Because if Wilson cared, House wouldn’t be on a fucking bus, surrounded by the dregs of an ugly Princeton night, feeling utterly alone.

CTB seemed to have the good sense not to say anything, because a single word out of her smug mouth would have resulted in bodily harm for her and an assault conviction for him.

Only one thing could make the night worse.

And here it was.

Title: A Tempting Offer
Pairing: House/Wilson (mention of Amber)
Written for: chocolate_frapp
Prompt: Butterscotch
Song: Ka Wailele Onu-uanu-Benny Chong


“Why not?”

“People don’t change. You’ve never liked butterscotch.”

“People can expand their horizons. You used to play the ukulele.”

“Because I was stuck playing dinner jazz in Waikiki.”

“And I was stuck with…

“A hah! You admit it. You were stuck. You never loved her.”

“House, if you keep pushing this, I swear I will take my butterscotch sauce home and you’ll never find out what it feels like to have it licked off you.”

“Is that bribery or extortion?”

“It’s supposed to be a peace offering.”

“With your dead girlfriend’s fetish? Not interested.”

“Please let me try.”

Title: Dreaming
Pairing: Wilson/Cuddy
Rating: PG13
Written for dailylilly
Song: Here's That Rainy Day-George Maharis
Prompt: Wilson/Cuddy friendship (but I think it got a little shippy.)

Takes place after Merry Little Christmas

Bing may be dreaming of white, but it’s pissing rain in Princeton. Cuddy has a fire, comfy toe socks and the dream of a day to herself.

Her hopes of getting through Singing In the Rain and The Bandwagon in peace collapse at the sight of Wilson’s face, when she opens her door. She knows this situation with Tritter has been a nightmare, and her need to protect House hasn’t helped, but she never expected to see him this shattered, crying in the rain.

Without words, she lets Wilson in and does her best to make it up to him

Crossover-House MD/Alias
Title: On Assigment
Pairing: James Wilson/Will Tippin
Written for: michelleann68
Song: If-The Bachelors
Prompt/Summary: James Wilson and Will Tippin-Location, location, location

Also available on:

New Jersey?

Princeton fucking New Jersey?

Pretty much next door to bum-fuck Egypt and nowhere Will would have ended up, if he hadn’t royally pissed off the wrong editor.

Of course, if he hadn’t gone to Princeton, he’d never have met James Wilson, and spent the most incredible night of his life making love to a man whose smile made him melt at first glance, feeling things he’d never felt for anyone, much less a man.

That’s when he knew he be making a habit of pissing off editors whenever he could.

Too bad he couldn’t tell Syd about it.

This one I wrote for aithlyn on her birthday.

Title: All Good Gifts
Characters: House/Wilson/Chase
Wordcount: 100
Rating: G
Summary: Just a post-Ep for Birthmarks, Chase POV.

Sorry for the extra cut.
Tags: alias, drabble, house md, house/wilson, housefic, james wilson, robert chase, wilson/cuddy

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