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Two quotes from a New Yorker Article ---- And more card arrivals!

January 21, 2008

Everybody Loves Jane
By Nancy Franklin

The article is about PBS's four month "Austen-Palooza" which featured adaptions of the six Austen novels. Two names from my current fannish life jumped out at me.

"Your response to Mansfield Park will depend a lot on how you feel about the performance of Billie Piper as Fanny, a character that Austen's own mother called insipid. Piper, now twenty-five, was a teen-age pop star and tabloid magnet and then became famous again as an actress in the British TV series Doctor Who; her face with its huge brown eyes and lips that appear to have been stung by an entire press gang of bees, is fascinating, without being truly engaging."

Ok, Billie fans-don't get pissy with me. I didn't write it. Hubby thought Ms. Franklin was being very catty there.

Later on, in discussing Sense and Sensibility:

"There is also a deeply moving performance by David Morrissey-a near ringer for Liam Neeson-as Colonel Brandon, Marianne's patient suitor."

I'm having a hard time imagining him in that role because I keep seeing Alan Rickman.


More cards in the mail:

Grandpa Stanley
Candy Kelly
Lowell-Another card-Mention that hubby is getting better and I can go to London to see "Mr. Fabulous." He's also a little snarky about John having a biography out at this point in this career.
Postcard from michelleann68

I love you guys! You All Rock!
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