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Yuletide Reveal

Four stories in four fandoms. The challenge to find something in common with all four in return for a drabble still stands.

All About Rachel
Punditslash/Journalist RPF. Includes Keith/Stephen, Keith/Anderson, Keith/Rachel, and even Rachel/Ana Marie plus appearances by other pundits and journalists.

Written for Propaganda

Scratching An Itch
RPF-Quite Interesting. Stephen Fry/Alan Davies, includes references to Hugh Laurie.

Written for Propaganda

Tennis Prose
Posh Nosh-I know it's an itsy-bitsy little fandom, but I had a blast writing it. If you don't know, Jose Luis is a very young David Tennant.

Written for irmelin

The Last Temptation of DCI Bell
State of Play-Character study of DCI Bell looking at the reporters and other characters, especially Della.

Written for elishavah
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