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Presumably I should say something about it...

But I'm really only bat-shit crazy when it comes to Jack. So IF they force YOU KNOW WHO back into Jack's Who-verse AGAIN, all I want is for him to be miffed about Jack's obvious attraction to someone who is obviously younger and more emo than him. (And then I want an apology from the "Ianto isn't possessive" crowd.)

Personally, I would have liked another grown-up a la Eccleston, but other than that, everything will hinge on the writing, the companion and most of all, any Jack-interaction.

Down-loading the Confidential right now, so I can see the lad in action.


We watched the BBC production of Casanova last night. Lots of fun, with all kinds of slashy bits. NOT the boring costume drama, I'd been kind of worried about. Tennant was all kinds of sexy fun, sort of warming up to play the Doctor.

There's even a fic for it in this year's yuletide
Gravity Caught My Love Around It's Casanova/Bellino and it's all sexy, genderfucking and hot.


Gave the legs a rest today. Hubby and I walked up to Castro street and had brunch at the Cove. Then we went to Cliff's which is one of my favorite things on Castro Street. How can you not love a hardware store that plays Carpenters' songs. Hubby got something for the sink and I picked up a new roasting pan and some spoons.


We did get to the Roxie for Angry Monk , which was very intersting, especially if you have any interest in Tibet or Buddhism, or Tibetan Buddhisim.

Damn, it's cold out. Cold cold cold. ONLY not cold by NY, Boston, DC or especially LONDON standards. I'm going to freeze my bloody arse off on this trip. I'll be thrilled, but I'll be fucking cold.
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