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Happy Sunday

Got up and spent an hour running around Dolores Park. The awesome thing about that is DOGGIES!!! The bad thing is hills. But the hills are good for strengthening my legs and training for other hills.


Starting tomorrow, I'm going to do a lot pimp-posting. Both self and others. Assuming people are back from their vacations and such, I'm going to list all the fics I posted in the last few weeks that could have fallen into the holiday vortex, as well as acummulating the posts for the 2008 Boxed Set. I'm thinking all the House Stuff in one post, all the Who-verse in another and Misc in a third. Just giving you the heads up for what may look like a lot of spamming. I want to get the compilation posts done before I leave for the Squeeeee Odyssey. Not to mention the Song Lyric Prompts and some memes.


We watched Burn After Reading last night. Cute, but not fabulous.


Hubby's feeling better from the cold, but isn't quite there yet. We're almost done with the last season of Northen Exposure. The end of Joel Fleischman's story was incredibly well done and sweet. Although it's still hard to see him as that character and then believe in Don Eppes. I started bringing Hubby the DVDs when he was in the 2nd nursing home. It was his favorite series.


Happy making moment of the day:
It's a Too Big from fandomsecrets
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