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Sunday Night Karaoke.

With Peggy, Sebastian, JD, Marsha, Shane, Clash, Daniel, David Ortman, his new boyfriend, Brian the Bartender and Daddy Dave.

I wore the Fedora. (Peggy suggested it. It was kind of a hat day at the Mint.) I'm seriously thinking of taking it on the Squeeee Odyssey and wearing it a lot, assuming the wind isn't blowing it off my head. It would be a good way for fellow LJers to recognize me, (For better or worse. Hi STALKERS!!!!)

I was able to get a lot of writing done. Finished up the first draft of my Adam canon-subversion fic, and started the John/Jesse UA RPS. Toward the end of the night (after I'd ordered my sushi) this older woman showed up. White haired, German old lady named Margaret and asked me what I was writing. Clearly this was not something I really wanted to go into detail on, but I said it was for the internet and kind of naughty.

Song List
1. Consider Yourself from Oliver-In honor of the Squeeeee Odyssey.
2. Top of the World-The Carpenters
3. Let's Lock The Door (And Throw Away The Key)-Jay and the Americans
4. Come Softly To Me-The Fleetwoods - Duet with Debby (after Peggy had to leave.)
5. Ain't Love A Kick In The Head-Dean Martin
6. A Quarter To Three-Gary US Bonds (For Daddy Dave.)
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