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Back on the chain gang....

Work was a pain yesterday. The usual limo crapola and people making last minute changes and blah blah blah. Since I'm off on the Squeeeeeee Odyssey in a week, I'm also in "Week Before Vacation" mode, so it's seriously hard to give a shit. (And I'm wearing the ugly Crocs, which is just asking for trouble.)

It's nice to have my nightly TV news/fake news line up back. Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow/Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert. Welcome back guys, I missed you all. Keith was in fine form, especially when he called Dick Cheney, "You fatuous, condescending lunatic," and showed New Years Eve footage of Anderson Cooper telling Kathy Griffin he could "take both of them," meaning Olbermann and Chris Matthews. He meant arm wrestling, but still... Rachel's new spikey do is very cute. Daily Show gave us another shot of Anderson Cooper with OMG DOGGGIES!!!!! "Road to the Dog House!!!" The Colbert/Colmes thing went on a little too long, and it looked like Colmes was just not in on the joke or maybe he was acting so well that it was painful to watch. Either way, I'm glad that's over. Hopefully we'll get The Word tonight.

No new House episodes until the 19th, which is probably just as well for my blood pressure and means I won't miss an episode while I'm in the air.

My friend Ivan is still catching up on the previous seasons in a very disjointed fashion from the USA repeats. Last night he called me for an analysis of Sex Kills, including what the cow guy was on about and why the guy from Heroes was kicking House in the balls. I got him all straightened out, and took a moment to again whinge about how great and well put-together the show used to be. Think of how many different things are going on in that episode including the clinic patient (and references to House's leg pain) and the House/Wilson stuff and how well it all fits together. When was the last time you saw a House episode like that?
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