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Ode to my gym.

It's been a while since I posted non-fic.

This was my last day working out at the gym I've been with for 8 years.

Sometime late in 1998, I had a "road to Damascus" moment, when I saw video tape of myself from that year's Halloween party at the Mint. I had thought that particular red dress was making me look all kinds of wonderful, when in fact, I looked as though I were about to give birth to a watermelon. I walked into the gym at 1 Post Street because it was right next to the Bart station I came out of to go to work and more or less begged the pretty-boy sales guy to take my money and me stop hating myself.

In the course of 8 years, I've had (literal) ups and downs, in weight, food issues, self-esteen, dedication etc, but I never let my membership go. When I joined it was "Pinnacle" then it got bought by "Bally's" and eventually was absorbed by "Crunch".

I've trained for 5 marathons, two triathlons and various other 5,10,12-Ks. I've learned to not hate every single part of my body every day of my life. I've thought out some of my best smut while sweating on the treadmill. I've seen lost of people come in on January 2nd and lots gone by March 1st. I've seen some of the ladies naked in the gym for years. I've watched this same bunch of guys training with Mr. Macho and some of them don't seem to have lost an ounce of fat, but they're in there week after week and I gotta admire that.

Two months ago they announced that it was closing and I refused to believe it. Apparently, I was mistaken. Today I did 10 minutes on the Stairmaster, worked out on some of the machines and hit the ball for some mummy crunches. Then I took a shower and cleaned out my locker.

Starting next week, I'll be working out at the Crunch on New Montgomery. It's only a block away and I'll have to adjust my wake up/drink shake/go back to sleep/get up again schedule by just a few minutes, but I feel really sad.

Christmas fics are in various stages of being beta-ed or actually written. Expect a deluge of fic posting and links in this space starting on December 25.

Also, if you're interested in a Birthday-fic exchange in 2007, get in touch via comment or email and give me a heads up.
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