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There Will Be Pimping! It's All About You-Part 1-YULETIDE!

Part 1-yuletide pimpage.

My mother, my dogs and clowns i.e. The gifts I got and the gifts my F-list wrote.

I started Christmas morning deliriously happy with the two fics I received, both in the category of Heroes RPF! My specific request was something with Adrian Pasdar and Jack Coleman.

The main gift was Loose Tongue which I can now announce is by heidi8, and pretty much gave me everything I could have wanted including real life details, a smidge of angst, Jack/Adrian hotness and some Adrian/Milo fanon. All brilliantly done. If you haven't checked it out yet and you're not on a permanent squick basis with RPF-please go and give love.

I also got a stocking stuffer of outstanding hotnesss called Company Men which turns out to have been written by that sneaky wench hllangel, who managed to keep it to herself as we were both struggling to get our stories written for yuletide over an INSANE three week period. *SMOOCHES* It's short, to the point, and freakin' sizzling, so go check it out as well.

Other yuletide fics by various denizens of the Chelsea Drugstore, to which I may or may not have contributed as either a beta, cheerleader yuletide pimpess:

This is not a comprehensive list. If I left you out, I totally suck, but give me the link and I'll get the word out in future pimp posts. Seriously people, let's get out there and support each other. Even if it's a fandom, you don't know...give it a try. You could be surprised and find a new fandom. (I know, just what you need, right?)

And if I haven't commented yet, it's because I had some imput on the story, so it would be unseemly, or because I'm a slow-poke bitch. I'm taking a bunch of print-outs on the plane with me and comments will be forth-coming after the Odyssey.

Over 21 by vanillafluffy
Fandom: Janet Evanovich-Stephanie Plum Series

Snapshots by babykid528.
Fandom: Saw

Awaiting Recovery by jadesfire
Fandom: The Man From Uncle

Letter To A Long Gone Friend by drunken_hedghog
Fandom: Mash

Delicacy by drunken_hedghog
Fandom: Ravenous

und mit Geistesstärke tu ich Wunder auch by leiascully
Fandom: Audrey Niffenegger-The Time Traveler's Wife

Old News by filthgoblin
Fandom: State Of Play

And speaking of my newest fandom love:

Strange Bedfellows by hllangel
Fandom: State of Play

(Random State of Play note-Seriously guys. You have got to get into this. It's British. It's intelligent. It's got het and slashy subtext up the wazoo. It's got John Simm and Philip Glenister, not to mention Marc Warren, David Morrissey and OMG!Bill Nighy. Netflix! NOW! You'll thank me, I promise you.)

The lovely hllangel was a veritable yuletide lunatic this year, also producing the following:

Miles To Go Before I Sleep
Fandom: Laurie King-Mary Russell Series

The Love Story That Never Happened
Fandom: How I Met Your Mother

His Christmas Story
Fandom: Scrubs
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