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There Will Be Pimping-It's All About You-Part 2-Crawling from the reccage!

Did I not mention that anything written from one of the Song Lyric Prompts would get space in a Pimp Post? Well now you know!

The results for the first week:

Just One Of Those Things, Ironically by amproof
Fandom: The State Within

Great Fun To Be Had by donutsweeper
Fandom: Torchwood.
Pairing: J/I (hey, I said ANY)
And this is the kind that I can live with. Draw your own conclusions.

Back To It by donutsweeper
Fandom: Dr. Who - featuring Ace

Homeworld Honey by 51stcenturyfox
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Jack/John

Leaving a Mark by donutsweeper
Fandom: Torchwood
Pariing: Jack/Owen (Mrrrowww!)

My Kitten Walks On Velvet Feet by peterwilliams
ORIGINAL FIC and totally adorable! There's a CAT!

The Long Day by donutsweeper
Fandom: NCIS

Furthermore, the extravagantly lovely donutsweeper was kind enough to adopt one of my eeeeeeevil J/I plot bunnies and feed it carrots until it grew into Longing Looks.
Just remember...eeeeevil plot bunny. Hehehehehe.

And some more recs, just because I like to spread the love for fics that make me happy: (Keeping in mind that fluffy violations of my vision of the characters will almost never make me happy.)

Katana by haldane
Fandom: Torchwood
Characters: Gwen, Tosh
It's a really lovely, nuanced gen-fic featuring Gwen and Tosh that gives a very different spin on KKBB. It's hosted on omni_fiction, which you should join immediately, and which does not require warning for individual kinks and squicks.

Shoot Me From My Good Side by soda_and_capes
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Jack/Owen
My kind of Jack/Owen, which means my kind of implications about J/I.
Make me happy, get pimped. It's that easy kids.

Let's see, the New Who announcement was less than a week ago and already there's fic!
More important, it's by paperclipbitch and it's got Donna, Lucy, Sarah Jane, Martha, and JACK!

No Straight and Narrow

And of course we gotta have some Housefic.

Ardor Resolutus by topaz_eyes
Sequel to Towards An Understanding of Catabolic Nature of The Human Male

Fandom: House (Victorian Novel AU)
Pairing: House/Wilson

OK, this isn't exactly light reading, but that's why you should take the time to read both of these, in case you haven't. The only downside is that you might possibly say to yourself, "why am I even bothering to write fanfic, if I can't do something like that?"

Or maybe that's just me?

Is that enough pimpage for one day?

Coming tomorrow: It's All About Meeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!
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