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Coolness abounds

Five days till the Squeeeeeee Odyssey takes off. My qualms about John's upcoming US appearance should not in any way be taken to mean that I'm not incredibly enthused about seeing the Panto (twice) and seeing Oliver and meeting a bunch of my wonderful LJers in Birmingham and London. (And waving at mad_jaks as I fly over.)

Attention UK Squeeeee-ites, our Director of Communications has a mobile that we'll be able to use once we're in the UK and get it charged: 07504038740


Yesterday I got an email from Yep Roc Records advising me that The Gourds new album was in the stores. My husband loves The Gourds. Loves. Loves. Loves. My first instinct was to call him up and tell him this, but then I got a better idea which was to go to Virgin Records after work and get it for him since I never actually got him a Christmas gift this year, what with all the craziness that was going on.

So I got to Virgin and was able to get and then went to Maharajah on Valencia street to pick up some Indian food. He was totally surprised by the CD and very happy with the food.

What's odd, is the only reason I get email from Yep Roc is that about two years ago I downloaded a few bonus tracks for the Nick Lowe album "At My Age," and I've been on their email list ever since.

So this all worked out quite fabulously.

Then we had a nearly perfect night of punditry.

On Countdown, we got more of the upsidedown naked guy, plus the horror of Fox's coverage of the upsidedown naked guy. Keith and Michael Musto discussed the possible bail-out of the porn industry with Musto getting in all kinds of borderline obscene zingers to the point that Keith was clearly losing it.

Rachel had to pick up from there, with more shots at Bush for NOT letting Obama use Blair House, including an interview with a very hunky, bearded Australian journalist and it's the most flirty I've seen her be with anyone except Ana Marie Cox. I mean this guy was working it and so was she. If I get the guy's name I'll let you know. He was seriously yummy and fun.
Then she put on a miner's hat because of all the caving in going on in the Senate over the appointee to Obama's senate seat and after Kent did "Just Enough," she let him wear the hat.

After that we watched the Daily Show, with Rachel as the guest. Jon was ALL OVER the media obsession with the Obama girls first day at school, had a great bit with Asif Mandvi about Sanjay Gupta, and told Rachel she was like Marilyn on the Munsters. He said that Chris Matthews was the dragon under the stairs and Pat Buchanan was Grandpa. He didn't come right and say that Keith was Herman, but one suspects that's his opinion.

Finally the Colbert report with OMG, my favorite name to say: Benicio Del Toro, who was pretty adorable as well.

This morning I blew off the gym because I needed to get a bag of laundry out. Hubby said he'd walk down with me, but he was wearing the utilikilt (he's up to three of them) and I'm really adamant about not wanting to be seen with him in it. I know. I'm a bitch and bit of a hypocrit because I honestly looked pretty schlumpy, but I hate the thing and I'm not backing down. He's wearing it to his first meeting back at work and then going to a doctor's appointment. He says it's convenient for the doctor to look at his leg, but I think he's just going for the shock value at the meeting.

He starts work again on Monday, which will be six months to day more or less since the accident, and is the day I leave on the SQUEEEEEE ODYSSEY!
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