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I was on my way to the gym this morning to try and get in one more work-out before the Squeeee Odyssey and I could feel that I had a sticky on my foot, so I reached back to try and get it off and managed to fall down, hitting a wall in the process and ending up on the ground bruising my knee and the opposite elbow.

Takes talent, I tell ya.

It was kind of scary because I was on the ground for what felt like a few minutes trying to figure out if I was ok or not and nobody passed by, so if I had hurt my head or something....eeep!

I went to the gym, but decided not to work out. Instead I took advantage of their nice hot showers with high water pressure to remove some body hair. (TMI?) So now I'm all ready to wear a sundress or a mini-skirt, if I weren't going to a place that my computer tells me is at about 30 degrees Farenheit right about now.

I've got a shit-load of stuff I should be doing right now...and I'm dawdling because I'm so very not interested in any of it. Which means it'll be me here till about 8PM getting stuff wrapped up because my brain won't really turn on until later this afternoon.
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