karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

It's nearly three in the morning-I should not be awake right now.

We're getting up in a few hours to meet the girls for curry and the matinee.

I just have the most amazing day with the entire Birmingham Squeeee Odyssey contingent.

drunken_hedghog, swizzasnake, tourmaline, and secondsilk, you guys rock and I love you all!

I promise detailed reportage of EVERYTHING, but suffice to say I'm having a great time, and this is a wonderful town. The Panto was everything you could ask and more, and I can't wait to see it again tomorrow.

Even if I never want to see an episode of Torchwood again (until it's been properly edited: i.e. all J/I removed) I still do love John. Seeing him live is an unbelievable experience. (The new album still sucks, b/t/w, but I still love HIM in spite of that as well.)

Fears to the contrary, everything is lovely.
Tags: barrow-mania, journal, odyssey

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