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House-babble for Painless

Hi kids! Did ya miss me?

The House Party is back with hllangel and michelleann68, all of us in various states of post-Squeeeee Odyssey jet lag.

Also, this was my first House Party without the Hubby since he came home from the hospital in September. WHEEEEEEE!!!!! (Love hubby, but he's a pain at a House Party.)

1. NEKKID HUGH! Especially the ending with Hugh's back. Yummy yummy yummy.
2. House in pain. Even though the plot was all falling anvils and subtle as a moose's erection foreshadowing, at least it was a reminder that HOUSE IS IN PAIN and HOUSE IS AN ADDICT. The in pain addict for whom there is no happy, schmoopy, fluffy relationship possible, no matter what kind of fanservice you throw at him and with who. Also Hugh is unbelievably hot when he plays House in pain. Even hotter than usual. And he seems committed to those scenes, rather than phoning it in.

I also like a quickie hooker reference. For some reason I enjoy being reminded of that, as long as I feel it's about the inability to have a relationship and not just to bolster the House is Het arguement

And now on to the crapola:
Let's get it out of the way right now:
STFU Thirteen (especially when playing "It's not you, it's me" with Foreman)
STFU Kutner (for asking Taub who committed suicide)
STFU Taub (for answering and it not being a lie)
STFU Patient. Sorry, he got my nerves as well.

Go to acting school-to the patient's son. WORST performance I have ever seen by a child actor on this show. The "let him die" routine? ABYSSMAL

Happy shippers this week would be House/Cam, and House/Cuddy. There was good H/Cam (she actually won) and good H/Cuddy snark if you like them playing "Moonlighting".

House/Wilson shippers totally left out in the cold, especially egregiously because how can we miss out on the possibilty of Wilson pontificating about House's pain or angsting about those falling anvils of the patient's suicide attempts. Wilson finally shows up at the 45 minute mark to do what? Give Cuddy's baby a stuffed animal, show off his first season haircut and double chin? WTF?

Lisa E. looked hot in her jeans, but the bangs from hell are still around and they are ugly as sin. I could live with as little Cuddy!baby crap as possible but that's probably an idle hope.

Chase in scrubs is always yummny, but a waste of Jesse's time and energy.

The PLUMBER got more screen time that Wilson, Chase and probably Cam put together.

For awhile there I thought they were going to have to recycle "Informed Consent" only with House doing the mercy killing, although I'm still shocked that Fox even let them do it once.

I liked the Lori Petty scene, but nothing is of less interest to me than 13's Huntingtons, except possibly her bisexuality.

Not crazy about House going all meta. Yes, we KNOW the writers are clued in to the boards. Stop thinking you're all clever about it. You're not.

Epilepsy that you only feel in your testicles? REALLY?

I kind of like the idea of Cam in the Cuddy role, EXCEPT one sort of sees where it will go and that it will leave her character diminished the same way it does to Cuddy when she wusses out in the face of House's bullshit. The question is how much of the House/Cam attraction crush will play into it and will Wilson and or Chase attempt to defend their relationships against the possiblity of H/Cam connection.

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