karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Even the big boss is an Obama fan

Email from The Big Boss:

Folks, some of you may know that, over the past year, my family and I have been ardent and enthusiastic supporters of both Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama. While I try to keep my political preferences private, some of you who have been to my office or with whom I discussed this historic election may have had an idea of the depth of that support.

Having just returned from the capitol to my hotel, frostbitten and exhausted from standing for hours in the bitter cold this morning, I just wanted to share my thoughts with you about what it was like to witness firsthand this moment in history. My family and I were in the “north standing” side of the capitol building, and while we were far from the stage we did have a screen to watch. The crowds behind us, which numbered in the millions, kept chanting “Obama”, and it was like a wave of hope washing over us, which warmed the huge crowd. As for the crowd, I stood next to people of all races and faiths from every part of the country, many who had endured incredible hardship in order to be standing there today to witness this extraordinary event. Everyone was talking together, sharing bits of food, hand warmers and camera batteries, and collectively reveling in the good will that was felt by all. Many were in tears. It was almost like a political Woodstock. While many of you must have witnessed this on television, I wanted to try to describe the feeling of hope and awe that I felt as a member of the crowd.

I am so proud of our extraordinary country, and very hopeful that our new president will put policies in place that will help our country climb out of the economic hole we are stuck in right now so our clients will start traveling again.

Warm regards,

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