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Return of the PIMP POST!

Remember-comments are love!


Here we have the latest results from the Song Lyric Prompt A Day Project

You On My Mind by laurab1
Fandom: Who-verse
Pairing – Jack/Doctor
Rating – PG

I'm Only Sad In A Natural Way
by chocolate_frapp
Fandom: House MD
Character: Greg House/OC

Tossing and Turning by donutsweeper
Fandom: Who-verse
Character: The Doctor


Fic written on the Squeeeee Odyssey

Defeat In Victory by hllangel

Because we were discussing Jack's "kiss of life" and I pretty much insisted that she write it. Amazing what I convince people to do when they're suffering from sleep deprivation.


Fic inspired by the Squeeeee Odyssey (no, it's not RPS among the attendees)
Gallows Humour by paperclipbitch a/k/a kohlrimmedeye
Fandom: Oliver
Pairing: Bill Sykes/Fagin (I am so not kidding.)


Fic that inspired the Squeeeee Odyssey, because if timbershiver hadn't asked me to do beta on this, none of it might ever have happened.

Just The Two Of Us
House MD/Torchwood-Whoverse Crossover
Pairing: Wilson/Jack
Rating: NC17, which means hot, hot and motherfucking hot! And oodles of angst.
If you've never read this one, you need to. Seriously. I'll never stop pimping this fic!


And one (just one) piece of self-pimpage because the lovely 51stcenturyfox has provided suitable artwork. If case you always wanted to read Jack/Rhys smut and didn't think it could be done....

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