karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Good Morning!

Darling fascist bully boy,

Waves to friends and stalkers.

Apparently I'm pissing folks off again by stating things they find unpleasant. I didn't think the irresistibility of Jack Harkness with-in the Who-verse was a controversial issue, but apparently I'm mistaken.

Life's a fish and then you fry.

I'm having a great week of comments on my recent fics, especially This drabbble, This House-fic and the fact that I got a second Children of Time Nomination, this one for my Capt. John/Tosh Fic

Plus, you know....NEW PRESIDENT!!!!!!

Which reminds me.... Jack/Obama fic
Nothing rude, I promise. hllangel did this brilliantly so go take a look. You'll like it too, stalkers.

See ya later,

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