karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

That's a lot of damn Torchwood Fic.

I'm working on the second disk of my 2008 Fanfic boxed sex, which is the Torchwood/Who-verse fics.

It's a lot. Between mmom, consci_fan_mo, the various drabble memes, and my own passion for Captain Jack, as well as my compulsive need to subvert the canon that I find repugnant, not to mention fics written for other characters, I think it's going to come out between 75 and 100!

Seriously, if I'd been able to buckle down, and focus, I would have finished the novel.

Hopefully I'll have the list posted sometime tomorrow. There's a few more drabbles I have to mine for all the fic and I need to decide how to group stories and whether to list multiple pairing fics more than once.

I've also had the chance to see how many comments the fics got from how many different people, so a hardy F.U. to the anonymous memers who think that I don't get differing viewpoints commenting on the fic and also the ones who think the canon-subversion doesn't work, because one consistent theme has been "I never thought of it that way before, but now that I've read this...."

I love those almost as much as "I NEVER read RPS, but....."
Tags: doctor who, fanfic, journal, torchwood, writing

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