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Why do I do this shit to myself? And a few other thoughts.

I had an email to work on yesterday that I never got to. And this morning I remembered that I hadn't gotten to it, but I couldn't remember when the travel was for. The Admin called me fairly early in the morning, but hadn't done any follow up along the lines of "Oh my god it's for tomorrow were are the confirmations." BUT it still should have been for next week and since there were hotels involved, I couldn't risk the space selling out. So I went downtown to the office to take care of it. Turns out it was for March. I could probably have waited.

Oh, did I mention that I spilled tea ALL OVER MY DESK in the process?


Speaking of tea...why does the tea taste so much better in the UK? And now that I'm home, why the hell can't I get my shit together, in terms of sugar, caffeine, and getting my arse ass back to the gym?


After doing the reservations, I came back to the Mission, picked up so laundry, took it home and then headed back out to go to Safeway followed by the Mint, which was a ZOO! Big party going on with bunch of drunken idiots including horde of Paris Hilton wannabes, who were completely obnoxious. Much as I love Frank, he's a nice guy and not good at cracking the whip on these situations, unlike the OTHER Frank who would not put up with any of this b.s.

I did Happy Days Are Here Again in honor of Obama and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance for Jim the bartender and took off. I got here at about 545PM and started cooking with Hubby arriving just a few minutes later.


Hubby watch:

He's back at work!!!! He went back the day that I left for the UK. He said it went well, but that by the last day (Wednesday) his leg was getting really tired.

And for those keeping track of Hubby's current interests/hobbies...he's still doing the Zen meditation and has taken up both crocheting and knitting.


Is anyone out there into this Hetalia thing? fandomsecrets is still absolutely flooded with secrets about it, both pro and con? Is it even worth it?

Watching Numb3rs. Oh look! It's Mr. Wu from Deadwood who's also Harvey Park's dad from Love Hurts.

ETA-"Ghost Bride" plot, seen about two years ago on Bones as well.
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