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House babble for Big Baby

House Party attended by michelleann68 and hllangel in various degrees of dismay and disbelief.

Jennifer Morrison Rocks!

But otherwise, that was a load of rubbish and I don't have much to say.

We got Wilson back this week, and what did he do...hang around with Cuddy, except he apparently tells all her secrets to House anyway. Which is awesome ol' skool House/Wilson stuff, but also puts the lie to the Wilson is a nice guy argument, recently taken up once again at fandomsecrets, believe it or not.

TWO FREAKIN' WEEKS and NO House Wilson. WTF is that about it? What happened to all that "bromance" happy horse-shit?

Cam as Cuddy went much better than I would have expected. She got some great scenes with House, and even had to wear ugly Cuddy dresses. I were a het-shipper for this show, I'd say it was a good House/Cameron week. Lots of chemistry and sexual innuendo. I still think that House/Cam would work at this point, IF they play it as ultimately doomed and were willing to play ALL the beats including Wilson having to come to terms with his own jealousy, even on a "friendship" level. Not that I trust the crack-monkeys to do it right.

I'm completely lost on this whole Cuddy/Baby bonding/non-bonding thing. I thought she bonded when she saved baby from the crack-house and she seemed pretty baby-bonded last week.

I'm even more lost on the medical case, except that PoTW/Classroom scene gave me deja vu for the pilot.

Hugh did a Bertie face in the elevator! Had some great snark at Thirteen and Foreman's expense and did in fact look cute in the baby scene. Plus House practically joined us in a chorus of STFU KUTNER.

Scruffy Chase is yummylicious, and Foreman/Chase scene is awesome. MORE CHASE!!!!!


And a 100th episode that's all about that? NONONONONONOOONONONOONOOONONONNONOO!!!!!!

And just because it feels good: STFU KUTNER!!!
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