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"Good Girl Blues" CSI-NY Stella/Lindsay femslash drabble challenge 97-Justice

Title: Good Girl Blues
Fandom: CSI-NY (apparently not out of my system yet)
Pairing: Lindsay/Stella
Prompt 97: Justice
Wordcount: 130
Rating: Implied only
Insta-beta by rivers_bend

You do everything right and sometimes the bad guys go free. As true in New York City as it was Montana. Someday she’d learn to brush off the injustices of the so-called justice system.

You try to be good, but people get hurt. Danny was a nice guy behind all that bravado, sometimes even in front of it. Standing him up was the nicest thing she could do, but he’d never believe it, and there was no way she could tell him why.

You find a woman who looks into your soul; knows what you want. She’d fallen into Stella’s arms before they’d completely healed. It shouldn’t be happening and it wasn’t going to work much longer.

You do something bad and it feels so good you don’t care anymore.

Tags: drabble, femslash

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