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POLL: Reaction to Governor F-word's 48 hour media blitz

Presumably you saw at least one of the interviews he's done in the last three days or so. The best (of course) was the sit-down with Rachel Maddow and the worst (hard to pick) probably The View?

Anyway, having seen the guy in some kind of action, including countless repetitions of "The fix is in." as well as quotes from and references to Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Gandhi, what do we think, could the dude possibly be that far off the rails, or is he actually getting ready to take a walk by convincing the world (and a jury) that he is.

All comments and opinions are welcome!

Poll #1339371 Governor Blagojevich WTF?

Off the rails or crazy like a fox?

Complete nut job.
Setting up an insanity defense, and might just pull it off.
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