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Three days at the gym so far this week.

Today I picked up the weights again for the first time since before the Squeeee Odyssey trip.


I also let myself get waaaaayyyyyy too hungry, especially late in the day, when I could barely get words out of my mouth or get things typed properly. Which had nothing to do with my erroneously thinking a rant was aimed at me. That was kind of weird. Oh well, the sub-title is "Paranoid bitching of a paranoid bitch. Sometimes it's true.


How much do I love (say it with me) PRESIDENT OBAMA making fun of Washington DC for closing the schools when it snowed? So freakin' adorable. Not so much love for "compromising" on the stimulus package and still not getting any Republican votes.


It's been busy at work lately, so while I did manage to crank out the Jack/Gwen smut and the House/Plumber (House/Wilson) fic, I'm still horribly remiss in getting my trip notes typed up. By the time I post, no one's going to even care.

Novel 2009-I'm still polishing the 4 chapters I finished last year, and adjusting the plot a smidge. It's still got a lot of personal anger and revenge, but now it's slightly less specific anger and hopefully something that an agent thinks more people will be able to relate to.

Watching 1st Season Bones episode from USA. Hello Amber! (Sorry,I mean Tessa.)
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