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Walked to work today!

So far, three gym days and a 2.8 mile walk. Quite balmy this morning, so my love and condolences to my friends getting hit by the cold stuff elsewhere in the country and around the world. The plan is to do the gym again tomorrow and some running/walking mileage on Saturday.

The downside is getting home and not having the energy or inclination to write either fanfic or even to work on the novel. I'm hoping this will alleviate as I get more adapted to working out every day again.

I brought the notebook in to work today in hope of doing some more typing on the trip notes.

There are lingering writing projects I still want to get to as well, including various fics that have been owing for over a year, the Impossible Pairing meme, the boxed set, and even a comprehensive list of the memes from last year. You remember those?

It's been somewhere between 10 and 15 in the last few days with more to come. I hate doing limos, because every pick-up is something that can go wrong and whenever they make changes there's a domino effect of limo changes at both ends.

And I just got the all-important announcement: Tomorrow is jeans day!
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