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Scenes from my weekend.

Hubby wants me to get rid of my cassettes.

I don't really listen to them and they're taking up space. He's on his Zen kick and wants to de-clutter. Most of them are from the 80's and in a lot of cases, I've bought CD's or downloaded MP3s, but not all. So I'm going through a process of checking through all of mp3_share to see if I can get the music without having to spend $$.

The next step will be to post request to mp3_share and eventually here seeing if anyone can help me. But I still don't want to just throw out cassettes that still work because of the whole "forever in a landfill" thing, so I'll make a final list and offer them up here in case any of you want them.

Email from bff Jen. I sent her a copy of State of Play and got back the following.

Secondly, I am in total lust for John Simm! State of Play was awesome! He looks so totally doable with that hint of a beard! I want more sex scenes with him. Do you know how hot that made me! Chills! I literally got chills when Polly Walker made her play down his shirt! Can you guess how many times I rewound that part? I just wish they had a better angle on the first kiss. And my thoughts went south when the killer put the gun to his head right in the middle of the old in and out! He played the scene where he and Polly are being interrogated by the husband so perfectly, and the letter scene!

I do love turning people on to the good stuff.


MOVIE REVIEW-Slumdog Millionaire

Believe it or not, I actually went into this movie not really knowing what it was about. In the first few minutes, I was a little worried that it would be similar to In Bruges where I was expecting something a bit more up-beat only to find it totally bleak. This obviously had some very dark moments, even at the moment of the "happy" ending, but there's not way NOT to be happy at the end.

The casting was brilliant, especially the transition of the younger actors into the adult characters. The premise of each question tying into a specific flash-back was a simple, but brilliant idea. There was some amazing visuals, even the over-head shots of the slums, and the music was awesome.

I generally don't recommend movies that are "The Feel-good Movie of The Year" but this one is worth seeing.


I did about four plus miles this AM.

Getting my nails done at 3.
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