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Pimping the Tardis Bigbang


Challenge Rules for Writers

1. 20,000 word minimum. NO maximum
2. This fest is open to the entire Whovian univers: Old Who, New Who, Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures
3. Characters from the Whovian universe must be the central focus of the story
4. All genres welcome: Gen, Het, Slash
5. All ratings welcome
6. Crossovers with other shows and real life welcome (NO Whovian actors)
7. Do not post you fic in part or in whole anywhere else until the fest goes live. Once we do, you are welcome to post wherever you like.
8. All fics MUST be beta-ed.


Important Dates
Author Signups: Feb 1-15
Art Signups: Feb 1 - April 19
First drafts due (15,000 words or more): April 26
Art assignments: April 30
Final drafts/Art due: May 31
Website goes live Mid-June

Tags: journal, pimping

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