karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Cause it wouldn't be a spam-a-licious day at the Chelsea Drugstore....

Without a Desk of Doom rant.


Traveling to Orange County and NYC for a firm meeting. I managed to get her upgraded on all the flights.

I get in this AM and her admin says she's canceled. FINE. But wait...now she's flying out of SFO to JFK, and she's booked herself with United.

This means I no longer have control of the record and all the changes and reissues now have to be done directly with United. She's still not sure she's going to go. If I re-book the hotel she'll be inside cancelation and might lose $575.00 if she cancels again, but if I wait to re-book and she does want it, the room might not be available.

We end up making three more changes, all directly with United and SOMEHOW got her upgraded on all her flights again.

And then she canceled. (Luckily I hadn't booked the hotel.)

I know I'm lucky to have a job in this economy, especially when my back-up plan of going to work at Starbucks seems to be evaporating in a puff a steamed milk, but still...This is all I've worked on ALL FUCKING DAY!


At least I got to the gym this morning.

Happy House Day, by the way. New, angsty House/Wilson in case you missed it.
Tags: desk of doom, exercise, pimping, ranting, work

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