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Don't Think Twice, it's the Monday Pimp Post!

Children of Time Awards are open for voting.

Voting form and a few humble suggestions


Pundit Kink Meme

Keith, Rachel, Anderson, Ana Marie, Jon, Stephen, et al.

Because there actually is more to life (and fanfic) than smut (or so I'm told), there's a
Multi-fandom Gen Battle to join, as well.

If you only join one community for the LULZ let it be badlubeday, where you will be exposed to the worst options used as sexual lubricant in fanfiction. Todays' entry: Whipped cream from strawberry shortcake. Used as 'prep' for inserting
said strawberries. Large ones.


Fic pimping

Clinging To The Wreckage Until I Got The Message by paperclipbitch.

Awesome Owen/Ianto fic featuring the Ianto I would actually like if he were canon, and yet another reason to hate the hand-job scene.

Mission Of Mercy by 51stcenturyfox.

Great John Hart centric fic, with an OMC and lots of Jack haunting the scene. Has a very dark edge that explains a lot about both our boys.

Dr. Who
The Doctor Donna by secondsilk.

A different take on what happened to Donna in Journey's End. Beautiful, brilliant and gut-wrenching. 600 Words.

And for my newer friends, one from the Chelsea Drugstore vaults:

Don't Know When
The first Who-fic I ever wrote, which pretty much jumped into my head full-blown as soon as I saw The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances. Before there was anything to poison my unadulterated Jack!love. It's just a song-fic, but I really love it. Maybe the best thing I've ever written in the fandom. (Yeah, I know. Miss Humility.)

House MD
Shame by californiaquail
Dark, dark, dark!
Because I can't carry the banner of H/W angst all by myself and californiaquail sees it (mostly) the way I do. If you're of the fluffy-schmoopy, non-ironic "Jimmy" tribe, you probably won't like this. I ate it up with a spoon.
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