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When we got to the theater thinking we had time to kill, I saw one of those lines forming that went up hill and dale and around corners and I said, I think we need to get on that. Which we did. I hate waiting on lines for anything, but this was certainly worth it.

I'm not the biggest whimsy fan, but this had such a dark and absurdist edge that it was exactly right for me and shows exactly why Wall-E wasn't.

The 3-D was spectacular. The "coming out at you" stuff wasn't over done, so every time it happened, I was reaching out to touch it because it looked so real.

The characters played by French and Saunders and by Ian McShane were my favorite, all incrediby over-the-top and campy and fun, but with their own dark sides. (OMG-THE DOGS and the BAT-DOGS!!!)

So then, of course I start asking questions about the dream vs reality component, and if it is a dream, along the Wizard of Oz lines, with so much wish fulfillment, then why (again like Oz and even Life On Mars) why does the wish fulfillment always turn negative? Like the question about why Sam would downgrade his own rank in his hallucination.

Even if it's not a dream, the ending seems to recapitulate my un-favorite thing about The Wizard of Oz-The moral. I realize that Oregon isn't quite Kansas, but having anything tell you it's better to stay with your neglectful parents than long for cake and chicken and pretty gardens doesn't do it for me.

I KNOW it's not that cut and dried, but they really did play up the bad-parent aspect until the end, presumably to cultivate the sympathy for Coraline, but if she really felt that way, then just going through the dream isn't going to enlighten her, is it?

Which doesn't mean I didn't love it and wasn't entranced along the way. Just that I tend to over-think these things.

Fog City Diner

Over twenty years in San Francisco and I've never eaten there before, which is a shame because it was incredible. Noisy and we were a little close to the door on a cold night for my taste, but damn that was some amazing food. I had the hangar steak and it may be the best piece of meat (ahem) I've ever eaten.

I mean it was way more than we usually pay for in-city food, more like a vacation dinner, but worth every penny. OMG-the mashed potatoes.

Hubby had the pot-roast and was similarly effusive.

Deserts were ecstasy inducing as well. I had the bread pudding and hubby went for the Tortoise Sundae.

It was a pain in the ass getting there because we came out of the theater at about 6pm on the night of the Chinese New Year parade. Hubby's leg was hurting so we really needed a cab and there were none to be had and the crowd in the down-town area was night-marish. I told him we should abandon the whole idea and get on BART back to the Mission, but he was determined. We ended up walking a long way in the wrong direction, but did eventually get a cab back down to the restaurant.


Sunday AM, I went out for about five miles run/walk/run in the fog and when I got back we went to brunch at Andalu which is less than a block from the apartment. We never go there for dinner because of the crowds, but it's a great brunch spot and not too much of a splurge.

Unfortunately the waiter was kind of a doofus. He looked like Jay from the Jay and Silent Bob movies, and gave me an itty-bitty teaspoon for a tea that was in a long, tall glass.

I had the veggie lovers omelet and the OMG!!! POLENTA FRIES! Hubby had the eggs-benedict with OMG!!! Cambiola cheese fondue. I'm so not kidding. If any of my Squeeeee Odyssey girls come to visit---that's where we're going for brunch.

Karaoke was a zoo. Big, crazy party going on, with lots of loud, drunk, crazy people in various states of dress and undress.
I pulled out two crowd-pleasers, "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You," and "Born To Run" before running for my life with Sebastian giving me a ride home, since the rain had started coming down.


I want to care way more than I do. I'm starting to walk away from Torchwood and I'm already pretty much emotionally detached from House MD. I want to have a show I can obsess about.
I don't think this is going to be it. What are they going to accomplish by basically having the Five Years Gone-alt verse become true, with Nathan as real!Nathan? HUH? WTF? Did he have a brain transplant? He's still hot, especially with the scar, but I'm confused. Especially when he's now having those vibes with Claire that I'm a pervy girl for noticing. There's still plenty of that bare subtextual Nathan Peter stuff as well, but....PETER IS A FUCKING IDIOT!!! Give your brother a hug? Did we not JUST play this out with Daddy? Dude, I know you want to fuck him. Get over it. Or fuck him and then get over it. Whatever.

Sylar-Get over your daddy issues. Or go fuck Peter so you can get over them together. Seriously. You're pissing me off. And you're a fucking idiot too.

Meanwhile....STFU Mohinder. STFU Matt. And give me more of Noah being a bad-ass.

Plus...is it a rule that Zeljko Ivanek has to be in every tv show I see this year? I know he's a good actor, but his frosty-face routine is getting a bit old, especially since as far as I'm concerned he'll always be hostage-taking patient in worst or second to worst House episode ever.

Another "buried alive" episode? Tell me why I should care?

Actually, I did like the twist, although when the "army buddy" showed up for a second there I thought it was Zach. THAT would have been a cool hallucination, because then all the slashfans who ship Booth/Zach would have something to hold onto.

Me? I got nothing.

WTF? Shoes? Really?
Borderline racist ghetto-girl bonding?
Over-all an insulting episode, mostly redeemed by the presence of Patrick Bachau.
There's a House-guest I could get behind seeing around the dial some more.

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